Why You Will Never Make A Living With Your Art

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I'm a business coach for artists who teaches them how to sell their creative work online.

Oftentimes my conversation partner will ask me why I chose to specifically work with artists.

The question usually stems from the underlying assumption that artists are a lost cause because they are generally poor and not interested in money.

"Isn't art supposed to be about making the soul grow and not about making a living with it?"

Honestly, it makes me sad to see how prevalent the starving artist myth is in our society!

But I laugh and remind them about all the rich and famous artists like Lady Gaga, Paulo Coelho, Banksy, etc.

Now they think I'm crazy because these are obviously exceptions to the rule, right?

So I tell them about some of my clients who might not be rich and famous but can pay their bills and afford the lifestyle they chose for themselves. Like Elisandra and Anbuley.

At this point they nod and will tell me about their artist friend who suffers in a 9-5 job they hate and take my card to pass it on.

And this where it gets really interesting.

Too many artists, designers, photographers, illustrators and other creative folks themselves also believe in that same starving artist myth!

They will email me and tell me how it is impossible for them to support themselves financially with their creative work.

They come up with all kinds of reasons for this:

  • my art is not good enough.
  • my husband/wife/parents won't let me.
  • the music/art industry is evil and I don't want to be a sell-out.
  • I have no time.
  • I'm a right brain person, not a left brain person (read: I don't wanna deal with the financial and tech side of a business).
  • I'm completely overwhelmed, I don't even know where to start.
  • First I need money to pay someone to create my website/do my marketing.
  • I need a business degree to run a business.
  • There is no one who has ever done it before.
  • I'm afraid people think I'm crazy.

These are obviously all reasonable and valid questions and concerns. I'm sure you have to deal with at least some of them yourself, right?

But here comes the most important part of this whole story:

Choosing to let the negative self talk and outer obstacles dictate your life is the REAL reason you will never make a living with your art.

There, I said it!

I mean, c'mon , you knew that already, didn't ya? WE are the ones holding ourselves back from achieving what we want.

Yeah, I know, it's hard to admit.

But we still know it's true.

So let's look at how we can stop self-sabotaging and finally start making a living with our creative work:

We need to reclaim our power so we can face and overcome any inner and outer obstacles, no matter what.

Reclaim our power? What does that even mean?

Well, it's all about using your inner and outer resources in the right way.

Because having power (or being empowered) really just means to have resources and to know how to use themThis includes the people, skills and experience needed to influence, cause and create one's environment and results. 

What is that? You have none of these resources to work with?

Don't forget that talents are resources too.

And what is a talent that every single artist, you included, has?


You use and work with it all the time. You probably don't think about it that much because it comes naturally to you. But it's a great resource to have!

Here is why:

You can take the same creative process you use to make art and apply it to build your creative web biz. Creating a business is really just like creating a piece of art.

Need some time to process that?

Ok, I'll give you a few days and then I will show you exactly how you can make use of that talent to build your art biz.

So stay tuned for that and get on the Creative Web Biz email list if you are not on it yet.


p.s. after doing a live biz building mastermind class in Berlin, I am now offering an online mastermind course. Check out The Art Of Selling Art Online here.