10171083_788822944475552_3936381925072787368_nRemember how we talked about the REAL reason why you will never make a living with your art?

And how we need to reclaim our power and use the resources we already have in abundance to build our biz?

Well, your main resource as an artist is your creativity. You use it to express yourself in your medium of choice every day.

Now here is where it get's interesting, so listen closely!

You can take that same creative power you use to make art and apply it to build your creative web biz.

Creating a business is really just like creating a piece of art.

I'll show you how to do it in a minute.

But first I want you to do this little exercise with me.

Calling The Spirit Of Creativity

Imagine you're a mandala artist and you're ready to start a new piece. So you get all your favorite brushes and colors out and spread them around you.

The empty canvas in front of you makes you smile because you remember how it used to scare you when you just started out painting.

You felt overwhelmed by all the possibilities. And you were afraid to make an irreversible mistake. Or you just didn't know which color to get started with.

Nowadays you trust in the power of your creativity and you know that each finished painting is perfect in it's own way and has it's own unique charm.

So you take a brush, dip it in some red paint and start with a tiny dot in the middle of the canvas.

Then you take another brush, dip it in some blue paint and add a circle of tiny flowers around the red dot in the middle.

You keep going like that. You keep adding new circles, layers and colors.

Sometimes you make a 'mistake' and you wince a little because for a moment you're not sure how to 'fix' it. So you close your eyes for a moment to summon your creative powers.

You can feel it bubble up from deep inside of you. It gets stronger and stronger until ...

You're in the creative flow, your mind suspended in a trance like state, and once again inspiration is guiding your hand to give birth to something even more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

There it is, the spirit of creativity came out to play with you :)

Now close your eyes and feel the spirit flow through and around you.

Note if you have any associations with that creative power. Does it have a color or a smell? Or do you feel it in a certain place of your body? Does it remind you of a certain object or animal? Or does it even have a name?

Yes, I'm serious, close your eyes and do the exercise!

This is the very first step to becoming a creative entrepreneur and it can change your life if you let it!

Next take a notebook or open Evernote and write down what you experienced.

I'll wait.

Do it already!

Ready? Great. Let's take the next step.

How To Use Your Creativity To Build Your Biz

Close your eyes again.

Now don't think about creating your art but about selling it.

I bet this time it doesn't feel so good, right?

The minute you think about the business side of things, like marketing and financial calculations, you feel anxiety creep up.

Maybe you even feel a a twitch or knot in the area of your stomach?

And here comes the negative self talk and wants to take over:

"I'm not good enough", "I'm not a business person", "I hate marketing", "It's all so overwhelming"...aaaahhhh!

Ok, relax.

Take a deep breath!

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Close your eyes and think about your biz again.

But this time, when you feel that panicky feeling coming up, remember that color, smell, animal, name, etc. that you associate with your creative spirit.

Invite your creative spirit to come and help you build create your biz in a fun and playful way, just like it does when you create a piece of art.

Do it out loud.

Come on, it's okay, just do it.

See, there it is, the spirit of creativity came out to play with you once again :)

How does that feel? Great, right?

Do this at least three more times before you go to bed today.

Then do it every single day for the next 30 days.

That's how long it takes to build a habit.

So let's take the next 30 days to build a habit of being a creative entrepreneur who has fun building creating a business around their talents and gifts!

Yes, you will still be scared sometimes and sometimes you will not know what step to take next.

Just like sometimes you don't know if red is really the best choice for your next brush stroke.

But just like over the years you learned to trust your creative power when it comes to art, you will now learn to trust it with creating your business.

The Art Of Selling Art Online

There is an art to selling art online and it's all about using your unique talents and gifts to create a business you love.

A business that, just like your art, reflects your unique personality.

And the first step is always about getting in the right mindset.

That's why the above exercise is the first thing I do with all of my new coaching clients.

It's also the first exercise in The Art Of Selling Art Online, a 30 day mastermind course that will take you by the hand and give you simple step by step guidance on how to use your creative powers to

  • fight overwhelm and confusion
  • define your financial goals and how to reach them
  • create a simple, easy to follow, non-icky, marketing plan.
  • make your website actually sell stuff..

This program is an invitation to follow the spirit of creativity on a journey to create something much bigger than just a single piece of art.

It's an invitation to create a true master piece:

Your own creative web biz.

Are you ready to follow your creative spirit on this adventure?

Read more and sign up here.